Finding Practical Solutions To Resolve Your Legal Problems

Sound Legal And Financial Strategies For Your Business

When you need legal advice regarding your business’s finances, you hope that your lawyer cares as much about your company’s future as you do. You need an honest assessment and clear advice regarding the best course of action for your company. Your legal adviser should take the time to get to know your company and your legal goals in order to provide that advice.

The attorneys at Hiltz Zanzig & Heiligman LLC are a collective of experienced lawyers with a singular goal: to find the best solution for your situation. We assist companies throughout the greater Chicagoland area with many legal issues, including corporate restructuring, collections, mergers and acquisitions and creditors’ rights. We tailor our legal approach to every client individually.

A Tailored Approach To Corporate Reorganization

You have invested a lot in your business, and it represents more than just an occupation. If you are facing financial problems, allow an experienced attorney from HZH Law to work with you. Many businesses have difficult periods over the course of time, which is why so many business owners use bankruptcy as a way to either reorganize their businesses or receive fresh starts. We can help you determine if debt restructuring under Chapter 11 bankruptcy would be more beneficial for you and your business than liquidation under Chapter 7.

Is Subchapter V Right For Your Business?

We can also advise if your business is eligible to consider bankruptcy under Subchapter V of Chapter 11, commonly referred to as Chapter V. This option is available to small businesses with debts below $7.5 million, added in 2019 as part of the Small Business Reorganization Act (SBRA). Subchapter V bankruptcy offers a streamlined process for smaller businesses and allows many businesses that previously would not have been able to consider a Chapter 11 bankruptcy to reorganize and move forward.

Protecting Your Rights As A Creditor

At HZH Law, we provide solid legal counsel to companies regarding the best way to protect their legal rights when another party owes them money. We take the time to review all your options with you so that you can pursue the path that makes the most sense for your business. We also have extensive experience helping our clients navigate both Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies as creditors. We will help you recover as much of the outstanding debt as possible.

Discuss Your Legal Issue With One Of Our Attorneys

We are ready to start working toward a solution to your legal matter right away. Discuss your issue with an experienced attorney from our office in a free initial consultation. Schedule your appointment by calling 312-566-9008 or filling out our online form.